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Discover, Create and Mastermind With Peers at a Beautiful, Tropical Resort

Join us on-location for a Christian Coaching “Advance”, the Barefoot Mastermind! This event will take place at the 4.5 star Westin Cape Coral Resort in Cape Coral, Florida. You will love the unique, tranquil ambiance of this tropical resort with its upscale amenities and marina, at very reasonable room rates. We found that our guests could get better rates through services such as Travelocity, Expedia than the stated group rates, so you are advised to check those booking options first.

group - mealIn addition to empowering and educational sessions, we are offering opportunities for 1 to 1 coaching, marketing training and networking / fellowship segments and group sessions on the beach or poolside. You will be encouraged to take your shoes off, relax and reach inside to discover the unique gifts and blessings that God wants you to share with the world. Nothing stuffy about this event. Just you and others much like you who are seeking personal and professional discovery, growth and revelation.

How great will it be to meet other coaches and counselors who will speak into your life as you will speak into theirs. Lots of opportunities to create, plan, mastermind with brilliant attendees and discover possible partnerships and joint ventures. In this beautiful environment, you can learn the needed skills to take your coaching or other “people helping” career or ministry to the next level. BUT … This event is not only for coaches and counselors; it is for anyone who wants to grow, meet others in this profession, receive or offer 1-to-1 coaching, learn, get certified and/or relax and have fun while they get closer to God and His creation each and every day! Let go and let God reveal His plan for you.

You were born to make manifest the glory of God within you!

What or who is holding you back?

“We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? meant to shineActually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let… (God’s light shine from within us) … we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” ~ adapted from M. Williamson

Now is YOUR time for a bigger vision, grander plan and inspired action!

What To Expect ...

Plan for training, networking, 1 to 1 coaching, masterminding, hot-seats, and interaction. You will meet other like-minded coaches of all levels from Master Christian Life Coaches, to graduate CCLCs and other coaching enthusiasts. A good number of attendees are in related professions or in transition to a career in Christian life coaching.

Informal conversations often lead to the greatest transformations because everyone feels relaxed and willing to receive input from others. You will have the opportunity to dine and meet with believers on a variety of levels. We encourage everyone to be willing to receive input as well as offer it.​

​Location and Transportation

​The location is the

Westin Cape Coral Resort

Address: 5951 Silver King Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33914

Phone:(239) 541-5000     Hotel class: 4+ stars


Southwest Florida International Airport

(RSW) in Ft. Myers, Florida

Ground Transportation Info Will be Emailed to Attendees​.

Thursday, Sept. 18th – Full Day Certification Training with Dr. Leelo Bush!

Become a Certified Quasar Coach ™ 

Quasars are the brightest luminaries in the heavenly universe ... Quasar Coaching is light years ahead of other methods!

Event tuition - ONLY $397* ...  Reg. $2100+  

Is it your deepest desire that your clients reach their ultimate potential?  The greater your knowledge, the more you are able to help them.

Are you ready to learn how you can make the greatest difference in the lives of others and leave an indelible legacy for future generations?

Quasar Coach ™ training will equip you to fulfill YOUR highest and best purpose and then, dramatically change the lives of others!​  Help leaders, luminaries, and other high achievers optimize their personal and professional lives.

You will have some reading and homework prior to the event and then a FULL (9-5) DAY of live, on-location training on Thursday, September 18th!

  • How to identify "quasar" clients and connect with their deepest needs in order to achieve the highest and best results.
  • Wisdom from God’s foundational system laid out for us to create a prosperous life / business.  Ancient words to transform the modern world.
  • How to make time your friend as you create systems and boundaries with this non-renewable resource, to stress less and accomplish MORE.Leelo Bush, PhD, Christian coaching industry visionary
  • Learn to harness the capabilities of our miraculous brain to eliminate toxic thoughts and focus powerfully on your God-given mission.
  • The neuroscience of success ... scientific discoveries about how our brain works to leverage our abilities.
  • Develop your own library of high-level resources you can draw on as you coach others.
  • The physiology of success ... including how to get better rest and wake refreshed.
  • Discover how thoughts can impact your next 4 generations via DNA!
  • Incorporate personalized, powerful affirmations that agree with God’s plan so you can move forward faster.
  • Learn to develop better time management and other internal disciplines to keep you on track.
  • God’s natural provision to support us holistically by balancing hormones so that we feel great physically and emotionally as well as improve our focus.
  • Quasar brand-specific coach training along with forms, evaluations and client coaching plan templates you can use.
  • Quasar-brand online assessments you can use to evaluate a client's talents, desires, abilities, self-knowledge and awareness, stress-coping skills, motivation inventory, leadership potential, inspiration/influence indicators, and much more in order to gain more insight to your clients and coach them more effectively!   Take a sample assessment during training to get your personal results!
  • PLUS graduates will be added to the Quasar Coach website at no cost on our "Q Coaches" page to promote your practice!


Your instructor and host is Leelo Bush PhD, from Cape Coral, Florida, creator of the Quasar Coach ™ System and Training Program. – Christian Coaching and Self-Improvement Industry Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Show Host.  Leelo is likely the highest-earning Christian coaching industry leader, having created ground-breaking training programs and trained over 10,000 students from around the world.

Leelo Bush has been mentored by the late John Galbraith, billionaire developer, entrepreneur mogul and OSU philanthropist as well as a Washington Press Corps veteran. As a serial entrepreneur, Leelo has created and owned numerous commercial enterprises. Her businesses have ranged from the financial industry to matchmaking for the marriage-minded, home health care to PCCCA, now Beautiful Life International, which she founded in 2003.

“I usually want success for others even more than they want it for themselves," says Leelo.  "If you sort of want it, don’t waste your time. If you are ALL in, I want to work with you because I know I can change your life. I have made millions over the years building businesses, selling them, and creating online enterprises that still deliver cash flow today. Once you know how, you can do it over and over again.

Imagine what could be possible if you received personal coaching or mentoring from Leelo Bush and her Beautiful Life International, LLC team? Those trained during the Barefoot Mastermind will have the unique opportunity to interact with your trainers and get certified at this event!      

Friday, Sept. 19th – Interactive Presentations / Sessions

Mistress of Ceremonies

Pam Maldonado, MCLC, MEd, Author, Wellness Expert


Debbie Lee Stankovich, MCLC, West Richland, Washington State

Mosaic Coaching: Help for Blended Families​

Inspired by the image of a beautiful mosaic art piece, Debbie created the soon to be released coach training program entitled Mosaic© Family Coaching. Just as no two mosaics are alike, no two Mosaic© families are the same either. Remnants of brokenness in various sizes, textures, shapes, and colors are put together to form a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Drawing on reliable research, expert opinions, and her own experiences, Debbie challenges stereotypical assumptions and helps coaches become more sensitive to how step relationships impact clients and undermine progress. A 2011 Pew Research report stated that of the 238 million adults in this country, 95.5 million are step parents, step siblings, or step children. Those numbers represent a lot of people who need qualified and well-equipped coaches to help them navigate the complexities of Mosaic© family life.

Debbie earned her B.A. Degree in Social Sciences at Washington State University. Focusing on management, psychology, and human development served her well in a lifelong career in non-profit management and also as the president and founder of Light My Path Ministries. She holds certifications as a Christian Life Coach, Master Christian Life Coach, Joy Restoration and Grief Coach, and Christian Counseling through the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA). As a former trainer for PCCCA, Debbie has worked with hundreds of individuals pursuing a coaching career. She has conducted numerous peer coach training programs, women’s events, and special activities in church settings. Debbie says, “Witnessing God's children discovering His call on their lives and ministries is an honor beyond expression -- especially when it is the result of diligently seeking His will.”


Jenny Grace Morris, MCLC, Christian Coach Trainer, Curriculum Developer              St. Louis, MO

Your Perfect Elevator Speech; How to Create and Present It​

Many of you know Jenny Morris from St. Louis, MO, one of our Master Christian Life Coaches and Premier trainers from her popular, interactive conference sessions or from being trained personally by her.

Jenny, who is a Relationship Communication Specialist and co-author of the Relationship Communication Specialist training and certification program offered at PCCCA, is returning again for this event to teach you to create a superb and memorable elevator speech.  You will have a new, optimized elevator speech before the end of this session.  With this new tool, you will be able to rapidly connect with those who need and want your services or products.

Jenny's sessions are filled with humor and audience participation as she helps us process to discover what is relevant and important to our prospective clients.

Efren Maldonado, CCLC, Motivational Speaker & Character Development Trainer   Northfield, MN

7 Principles for Personal Success​

Efren Maldonado is a highly sought after educator, speaker and consultant with over 20 years of experience working with people and organizations of various backgrounds including, The MN Dept. of Employee Relations, MN Dept. of Corrections, The House Of Representatives, The Senate, The IRS, The Judicial System, MN Auditors and most state agencies. He has conducted training sessions for many other businesses and post high school educational facilities including the University of Minnesota, He enjoys helping people improve their lives and believes that there is no limit to their potential.

Through his programs he has touched the lives of many people and empowered them to make incredible changes that have taken them from a lackluster life of defeat into an exciting life with purpose and happiness in all circumstances.

Efren is a very powerful and dynamic speaker and teacher who provides innovative powerful and proven tools for immediate use that create change in the lives of his learners while his teaching style keeps them captivated and wanting to know more!


Space limited - reserve your place early to avoid disappointment.

Dr. Vince Rizzo from John C. Maxwell Leadership Team                                                   Cape Coral, FL

Becoming a Person of Influence​ from the John Maxwell curriculum!

Vince T. Rizzo is the President and Co-Founder of Discipling Nations International, with four worldwide online ministries. These include a Bible college and university, a social network and the award-winning Ignite Christian Radio station. The underlying commonality of each branch of Discipling Nations is that of a passion to reach the world for Christ through the internet.

Nicknamed "Pastor Gadget", the Lord has uniquely gifted Vince as an "idea man". This, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and technological genius, is what the Lord has used to reach 183 nations through these ministries. Vince has 28 years of ministry experience, has a Doctorate degree from Covenant Theological Seminary and is an experienced Bible teacher and Christian educator. In his quest for both personal and professional growth, he then went on to become a Certified Life Coach, and Marriage Coach Trainer with Life Breakthrough Academy doing four weekly scheduled training webinars. His latest accomplishment was joining the John Maxwell Team as a Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker.​

Rev. Tim Osuch, Pastor and Christian Life Coach from Paso Robles, CA

Should You Become Board Commissioned or Ordained?

Pastor Tim Osuch's presentation will provide an overview of some of the values of receiving board commissioning through our churches extension ministry, River of Life Fellowship of Christian Life Coaches & Counselors. There are legal benefits, spiritual benefits, and there are practical benefits which we will cover in overview discussion.

Nilvia Felipe, CCLC, Bi-Lingual Business Consultant & Transition Expert              Charlotte, NC

Building a Holy Conglomerate... Making the Leap From Entrepreneur to Leader

Nilvia is a results-driven, business-focused senior business strategist with 15+ years successfully managing, designing, developing, scaling, implementing, supporting business and software solutions for diverse clients both nationally and globally.​  

Her company, ARIZE Consulting, is an organization development consultancy that specializes in vital business and people transformation with clients including Bank of America, TIAA-CREF and Goodwill Industries to name just a few. Service offerings include: designing IT solutions that compliment mission-critical business goals and operations, process re-engineering, continuous improvement, change management and project management. Working alongside clients with both a national and/or global presence, her emphasis is on developing high-productivity teams and designing end-to-end solutions in collaboration with organizations’ subject matter experts and stakeholders.

Her presentation, "Building a Holy Conglomerate ... Making the Leap from Entrepreneur to Leader" will use the Word of GOD as the foundation to demonstrate the qualities of a successful leader while outlining the difference between the entrepreneurial mindset and that of a leader, leading a kingdom business for GOD.​

Dr. Leelo Bush and Rev. Evan Bush ... reprise by popular demand

"Married with Business: How to Work with Your Spouse (Sweetheart) and Thrive, Personally & Professionally"

Evan and Leelo Bush celebrated their 11-year wedding anniversary this summer (June 6th!) and during these years, they have learned to successfully "juggle" their faith, relationship, parenting and business ... in that order!

Each came to the relationship with their own share of baggage, having been married before and having partnered in business with a previous spouse. Suddenly with a blended family and passion to help others be all God has called them to be, they returned to their "marketplace ministry" careers ... serving where God placed them.

In this session Evan and Leelo will help you identify whether working together may work for you and if you are already in this type of partnership, how to creatively collaborate and enhance each others gifts and talents so that the world is blessed, your relationship and business thrives and each of you continue to grow personally in a safe, judgment-free environment. Join us for laughter and the serious side of making this delicate balancing act work.

Evan and Leelo Bush partner in Beautiful Life International, LLC / PCCCA, located in Cape Coral, Florida, with Leelo heading the training and development department and Evan directing the technology and logistics for the organization.

Dr. A.J. Rubano, Chiropractor, Bi-lingual Author, Motivational Speaker                      Ft. Myers, FL

The Science of Persuasion​

Dr. A.J. will help you understand proven ways to increase the likelyhood of getting a "yes" response and show you common mistakes that decrease our success rate.  One such common mistake can occur when responding to a client who thanks you for going out of your way for them.  We often think the ʺhumbleʺ reply of ʺno problem ʺ or ʺI'd do it for anyone ʺ is effective. Dr. A.J. will show you why this is not only ineffective in getting more business or referrals ... but is actually a negative!!

During his career Dr A.J. has worked as a team chiropractor for both college and pro sports. His experience with athletic training, fitness, and cutting edge chiropractic techniques like MUA and spinal decompression have helped him to develop a treatment approach that takes into account the role muscles, nerves, and joints play in causing back and neck pain; as well as related disorders like sciatica.

If your dreams have been choked, you’ve been poisoned by a lack of advancement or the lies of the devil, or bitten by the betrayal of a close friend or relative you will see that the obstacles in your way, though meant for evil, are actually stepping stones to the abundant life as long as you are willing to "shake off the snake", which is Dr. A.J.'s guide for anyone who is suffering from and is ready to overcome the paralyzing effects of fear, anxiety, or frustration.

Dr. A.J. Rubano teaches that no one, no matter what social class or background, is exempt from the attacks that threaten mental stability and can lead to being ineffective in both personal and business relationships; but through understanding of self and the promises in the Word of God anyone can break through to a life without fear.  True life stories, anecdotes, and power scriptures help provide the inspiration and practical applications for living victoriously even in the midst of the enemy’s attacks.​​

Saturday, September 20th

Personal or Business 1-to-1 Coaching Opportunities - AM  
Off-Site - BBQ Pool-side Fellowship - Networking​ with awards / certifications - PM

Fast Action Bonus!

​BONUSES ARE SOLD OUT ... but will be available for sale at the event.

Each year, we reward your fast action to register for the Barefoot Mastermind! 

This year, the FIRST FIVE (5) paid registrations will receive a customized-for-you ​45-second (+/-) promotional video for your website. We will help you re-write and edit your script to personalize it for your business / website. Watch video below for color options including orange, blue, gray and purple.  This is a SAMPLE and you will be able to add your own logo and image(s).  This bonus does not include logo creation.  If you miss the bonus, you will be able to purchase a similar video at the Barefoot Mastermind.



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